Important Note
Most of the marketing materials are provided to resellers free of charge but you are liable for the shipping charges incurred. To save costs, we strongly recommend you to request for the marketing materials when you place your stock order with FingerTec . We will arrange to include the materials in your consignment.

The marketing materials are subject to stock availability and quantity requested. You shall be notified accordingly if there is any short supply of the items or if there is any amendments on your requested quantity. Demo kit and bunting are chargeable materials. Please check the price with our Sales Department at For other materials, if the requested quantity does not match with the quantity of goods ordered, our personnel will inform you abot the amendments prior to shipping.

Resellers that require a large quantity of marketing materials are encouraged to print the materials themselves to save on shipping costs. You can obtain digital files from us by emailing your request to We also cater for customization to suit to your company’s requirements.

For marketing materials in other languages that are not listed here, please check for its availability. Shall you plan to print the materials on your own, kindly acquire the digital files from us by emailing your request to Customizations of the materials are available without any charges but the submission of the design to you is subject to our schedule.